The world innovates faster than your company does. Disruptive technologies are no longer developed at isolated corporate departments, but delivered by new startups, anywhere.

FWDc helps your company build strong relationships with the most innovative startups in your ecosystem.


FWDc trains your team to incorporate the appropriate mindset and processes to implement a successful Open Innovation Strategy; from interacting with Startup Incubators to managing your own Corporate Venture Fund.

Working together and investing in relevant startups will crucially help your company in many strategic ways, mainly:

  1. Embedding innovation into your products and services.

  2. Leading the innovation occurring in your ecosystem.

  3. Creating a culture and dynamics of innovation across your organization.

  4. Attracting strategic talent to your organization.

  5. Targeting adjacent markets.

  6. Capitalizing on new trends and rapid change.

  7. Capturing great venture capital opportunities.