Disruptive innovation is transforming your industry at an exponential pace.

This is your challenge.

We take your company 10 years forward to envision that future, today.

This is our mission.


FWDc is a unique Technology & Innovation Center dedicated to anticipate how Disruptive Technologies will impact our society, transforming industries, companies and consumers.

We work together with leading Experts, Startup Accelerators and Universities to identify next disruptive technologies and its convergence across different industries, acquiring a vantage perspective on the next big technological paradigms and future consumer trends.

FWDc is the Global Technology & Innovation Partner of Big Corporations, Corporate Venture Funds and Venture Capitalists. We help your organization envision 10 years ahead in the future, and focus on 4 main areas to reinforce your innovation culture and processes:

  • Open Innovation

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Digital Transformation

  • Future Trends