The world is changing rapidly. Internal Innovation represents your best opportunity to capitalize one of your key assets: the full talent that is dormant within your own organization.

FWDc trains your company to incorporate the innovation culture and startup-mindset required to unlock all your innovative potential from the inside.


Corporate processes and structures are the main enemies of Innovation. Your team is ready to contribute and build on your innovation strategy, but the rigidity of your organization is preventing them to express their creativity and full value, trapped under paperwork and hierarchy.

FWDc trains your teams to incorporate the startup mindset they need to launch innovative initiatives within your organization, from idea stage to market commercialization (Venture Building).

Our intimate relationship with Startup Accelerators allows us to provide Corporate Innovation Managers and their teams with the appropriate structure and startup methodologies they need to innovate internally, including among others:

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Lean Startup

  • Agile Development

  • Customer Development