FWDc works together with Universities, Technology Experts, Startup Accelerators and Corporate Business Partners to produce unique insights and original research.

We leverage our local and international partners to identify new disruptive technologies and startups earlier, wherever they appear, acquiring a vantage perspective on the next big technological paradigms.


Angel L. Samartino

Founder & Director at Startup University Ventures
Future Trends expert

Greg LaBlanc

Award winning Finance and Strategy Professor at UC Berkeley
Data Science & Digital Transformation Expert

Adam Sterling

Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Expert

Mónica Martínez

Founder of Bankinter Foundation of Innovation
Innovation Ecosystems Expert

David Santander

Global Alliances at Startup University Ventures
Intrapreneurship Expert

Luis Basagoiti

Product Manager at GeoBlink
Data Intelligence Expert

Startup University


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